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Effective Digital Communication Module

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The Leader SEEDS Effective Digital Communication Module focuses on organisational communication, effective data and information sharing in digital capacities, as well as in-platform scheduling tools.

Firstly, the module discusses how the internal and external communication of the TSO organisations can be improved, addressing the common miscommunication issues at the workplace. Additionally, the module highlights the importance of ‘Storytelling’ for boosting TSO branding, as well as communication strategies for the organisation. Moreover, the module emphasises the use of KPIs in effectively evaluating organizational performance.

Secondly, the module illustrates the importance of knowing which appropriate digital communication means should be used for given context, as well as how to interact through a variety of digital technologies. TSO leaders are introduced to data, information and digital content sharing, and are provided with useful knowledge in how to identify possible gaps while communicating internally and externally.

Thirdly, TSO leaders are provided with a knowledge of in-platform scheduling tools, as well as basic knowledge of how filters can be used to target posts according to demographics; when and how to boost posts; and the ability to create trackable links. Moreover, TSO leaders are introduced to key terms such as clicks, views, reactions, etc.

The Leader SEEDS Effective Digital Communication Module is very important in understanding how communication at the workplace can be made effective or ineffective, based on a number of factors, and illustrates how emotional connections between TSO organisations and their target audiences can have substantial impacts on the furthering of their causes.

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