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Digital Leadership (Health) Module

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

A recent study of office workers and their digital habits showed that 87% of the group surveyed spent an average of seven hours a day staring at device screens, with more than half of those reported to have fatigue or depression from digital overload (A Growing Problem, para.2). The Digital Leadership (Health) Module consequently examines the concept of ‘digital well-being’ and focusses on measures needed to avoid digital fatigue or ¨burnout¨.

The module discusses the psychological theory of the ¨Metux Model¨ and how it can be applied to responsibly manage the digital environments of TSO teams. Moreover, TSO leaders are introduced to the concept of digital wellbeing, as well as how to spot the symptoms of being “digitally unwell”.

Furthermore, the module addresses the issues of both poor and healthy practices of digital device utilisation, and informs TSO leaders on how to implement good digital habits so as to maintain healthy digital connectivity.

The increasing utilisation of ubiquitous digital devices means that technology is becoming an increasingly integral component of workplace activities. Thus, as illustrated in the Digital Leadership (Health) Module, it is critical that leaders of TSO organisations are made aware of the digital health of their employees as they operate in various technological environments.


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