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Digital and Online Safety Module

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The objective of the Leader SEEDS Digital and Online Safety Module is to empower senior managers and executives of Third Sector Organisations to be competent and active in optimising the safe use of smart data across the TSO’s business and daily activities, even if they have no prior experience of safety and data technology.

The module introduces TSO leaders to the role of big data, interpretation of data and how it can be applied to business performance and data ethics. In addition, the module discusses how TSO leaders should craft and coordinate integrated data capture and analysis activities.

Moreover, TSO leaders are informed on key regulatory and ethical aspects of data privacy and handling, as well as the role that data ethics plays in the sharing and communication of organisational information.

Furthermore, the module addresses the issue of how data interpretation can be used to gain actionable insights into business performance and market opportunities, as well as how technological tools can be used for data solutions based on cost-benefit analysis.

The Leader SEEDS Digital Online and Safety Module therefore emphasises the importance of data ethics and security, as well as the digital tools and systems which are available to practically implement ethically robust strategies in the TSO data handling.

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